Prof. dr Vojislav Stojanovic

The Serbian Scientific Society was founded based on the initiative launched in 1968 by Professor Dr. Vojislav K.  Stojanovic, who was a long-time president of the Association of University Lecturers and Scientists. At the Association Plenum, held in Belgrade on November 11th, 1968,  By-Laws regarding foundation and operation were adopted with the aim to develop and promote science.

In December 1968, the Original Committee was formed, comprised of the following members: Professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade – Dr. Vojislav K. Stojanovic, Professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade – Dr Djurdje Boskovic, Professor at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade – Dr Nikola Stjepanovic, and professors at the Faculty of Science in Belgrade – Dr Djuro Kurepa and Milorad Mladenovic.

In March 1969, a preparatory consultative meeting was held, attended by, in addition to the members of the committee, the President and Vice-President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, one member of the Executive Council of Serbia, the President of the Council for the Coordination of Scientific Activities, and a number of members of the Association of University Professors and other Scientists. At this meeting, it was agreed to hold a Founding Assembly of the Society.

After numerous consultations between prominent university professors and distinguished scientists, the  Committee selected 17 members of the Society.

Following the preparations, a Founding Assembly was held in June 1969 at the premises of the Association of University Teachers and  Scientists in Belgrade. A decision was made to found the SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY, concurrently   temporary By-Laws of the Society were adopted in the scope of the Association of University Teachers and Other Scientists of the Republic of Serbia. The first Management Board of the Society was elected, as follows:

President: Professor Dr, Vojislav K. Stevanović,

Vice-President Professor Dr. Đurđe Bošković,

Secretary: Professor Dr. Branislav Šoškić

Members of the Society:

Professor Dr Dragoslav Mitrinović,

Professor Dr Milorad Mlađenović,

Professor Dr Nikola Stjepanović and

Professor Dr Jovan Surutka

The Association of University Teachers of the Republic of Serbia has adopted the “BY-LAWS OF THE SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY”, which was published in Belgrade in 1970 in the edition of “Contemporary Administration”

The separation of the Scientific Society from the Association of University Teachers and  Scientists of the Republic of  Serbia and its independence, and the acquisition of the capacity of a legal entity, were carried out subsequently, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and procedures.

Today, we can proudly say that the Serbian Scientific Society consists of four departments with more than 100 active members. You can read more about the  bodies, membership and departments of the Serbian Scientific Society on the membership page.