Election of new members of the Serbian Scientific Society for 2018

Election of new members of the Serbian Scientific Society for 2018

The right to be elected Member of the Serbian Scientific Society (SSS) is granted to all associate or full time professors of respective Serbian faculties and  universities,  as well as to senior scientific associates, i.e. scientific advisers of all  institutes or scientific institutions in Serbia, according to with the  SSS By-Laws.

All candidates are required to provide their CV, address, mobile telephone number, e-mail, list of publications, citation index, awards, recognitions and participation in national and international scientific projects to the following e-mail: naucno.drustvo.srbije@gmail.com or : jovan.vasiljevic@med.bg.ac.rs

Candidates apply for admission to one of four Departments, depending on their scientific activity (Department of Natural and Mathematical Sciences – DNMS), Department of Technical Sciences (DTS), Department of Biomedical Sciences (DBMS) or Department of Social Sciences (DSS). The SSS Presidency reserves the right to forward the application to the respective Department.

The number of candidates to be admitted to respective Departments has been previously determined by a SSS Presidency decision.

In addition, candidates considered for election into the SSS will need to have written recommendation of at least two SSS members, preferably from the Department for which they are applying.

The two aforementioned SSS members (Proposer) submit the candidate’s Abstract (on 2 pages) in the shortest possible time (also by mail to the following address: naucno.drustvo.srbije@gmail.com)

Documents received will be submitted to the Secretaries of the relevant Departments. They will prepare materials and schedule a meeting of the Department. The admission procedure for new members has been extended until June 1, 2018.

Upon voting in each Department separately and according to the established admission quota, the Secretaries of the Department submit a written report to the SSS Presidency, listing the proposed candidates for election to the relevant Department.

After adopting four  lists of candidates, the SSS Presidency shall schedule the SSS Election Assembly (scheduled for autumn 2018), which will determine the final list of newly admitted candidates by secret vote of all present SSS members, as well as votes received electronically from SSS members.

In this election process, 6 new members will be selected for the DNMS, 4 new members for DTS, 4 new members for DBMS and 7 new members for DSS.

The final results of the new members’ election into the DSS for 2018 will be posted on the DSS website 3 days after the Election Assembly, and the selected candidates will be informed via email.

The delivery of the Certificate of nomination will be subsequently determined.


Professor Dr Jovan Lole  Vasiljevic

President of the Serbian Scientific Society