Lectures by newly admitted members of the Department of Biomedical Sciences

The Department of Biomedical Sciences organized a series of popular scientific lectures at Kolarac venue, from March 10th to April 14th, 2017.

The audio clips are available on our YouTube channel and you can listen to them by clicking on the following links.


Презентације предавања можете погледати путем следећих линкова:

SSS Election Assembly 2016

The Serbian Scientific Society convened the Electoral Assembly for May 30th the Hall of the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, Dr. Subotića 8, 1st floor at 6 PM

The Assembly will consider the election of the new management of the Society (elections for the President, 4 Vice-Presidents and one representative of each Department in the Presidency). You can see the voting paper with the list of candidates and functions at the following link.

Also, each Department should submit a proposal for the election of the Secretary and the Deputy Secretary of the respective Department.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there will be the admission of new members of the Society (as proposed and voted on by the Departments).

You can view the biography by clicking on the name of the candidate and only a few of the oldest members (who do not use mail) will be provided with printed material. This way all members of the Society will be able to get acquainted with the proposed candidates. You can download the ballot at the following link.

Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department


Циклус предавања одељења природно-математичких наука

Циклус предавања одељења природно-математичких наука, Научног друштва Србије.

Научни хоризонти природноматематичке науке – јуче, данас и сутра

Позиве са присуству предавању са детаљнијим информацијаа можете преузети кликом на жељени документ.

Фебруар 2012

001_POZIV za predavanje _Djuro_Kurepa

Март 2012

204-Plakat Predavanja Dragomir Davidovic 28 mart 2012

Април 2012

301-Plakat Predavanja Katica _Stevanovic_ Hedrih 30 april 2012

Мај 2012

204-Plakat Predavanja Jaroslav Labat april 2012

Јун 2012

303-Plakat Predavanja Petranovic i Jelena j 2012

Септембар 2012


Октобар 2012

202- PLAKAT – Predavanja CIKLUS PREDAVANJA Zeljko Cupic 2012